Tiffany's one time buy back...

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  1. Has anyone took advantage of Tiffany's one time buy back? My hubby got me a round brilliant for my engagement ring, and don't get me wrong I LOVE it! But seeing all the new styles such as the legacy :drool: , makes me want to from time to time.

    For those who don't know, our Tiffany's SA, in 2001, told us that we can sell back our diamond ring at the current price (assuming appreciation) and pay the difference for a ring that costs at least double the original amount. Hope that makes sense!

    Oh and reason I talk myself out of it is due to the sentimental value. I'd be giving up THE ring that my hubby proposed with. The ring I can see myself giving to my future son or daughter.

    So if anyone has done this or want to please share!
  2. Do like me and get a Legacy with a colored stone in a mega size. :smile: That way you can have the setting(s) you want without upsetting your husband. The two designs are the antitheses of each other yet go so well together (check out my thread on my new Legacy).

    I would be lying if I said that I would never want to upgrade my Tiffany e-ring. I drool every time I go to the store and browse the larger 2ct+ round brilliants...but I know I would hurt my SO's feelings by asking to upgrade. That, and my 1.26ct E looks just stunning on my hand...couldn't have asked for more.

    AND I have the Legacy in a colored stone! I can wear both at once now!!!

    That being said, I would still love to hear about Tiffany size upgrades. :smile:
  3. You're SO right Clanalois. In fact, you're thread is what got me thinking about upgrading (again)! I mentioned to my mother a long time ago that I would like a ring to pass down the generations, and that was the particular ring I had in mind! I am in love with the legacy design, and you're ring is absolutely gorgeous!!!
  4. Being a male i have not but the daughter of one of my clients did. She had a 1/2 care solitaire and upgraded to a 1.23 carat. Having seen both I will say that they were both very nice rings, but obviously the larger one had more of the "wow" factor if you know what I mean. She was given the current market value on her old ring. This is all I know, hope it helps a little.
  5. Hi, I have just found this site, and am officially coming out of lurkdome, inspired by your post!!!!

    I am currently upgrading or adding to my er & would upgrade the stone in a heartbeat if the deal was fair. That is the only thing stopping me from trading in my the difficulty of selling diamonds 2nd hand. Im not sentimental about things like that because as long as I have an er its doing its job! LOL. It doesnt matter to me whether the stone is the original one or an upgrade.

    As far as leaving it for the daughter or son......they will treasure it because it was yours, not because it was the original er stone! jmo.

    Btw, my husband is a jeweller and I keep saying that I should be dripping in large diamonds to advertise for him!!!! He is not sentimental about stones either.
  6. Great thread.:idea: Currently I am thinking of upgrading my ering and looking at getting Tiffany. I think it is a great idea if there is option of buy back to upgrade.
  7. Yeah i was told that when my hubbie bought the engagement ring but my mom told me that its tabboo to replace your engagement ring. You can get a new ring but cannot replace your engagement ring.

    I wont mind that either :smile:
  8. wow i did not know you could do that. cool
  9. It just makes me wonder...what do they do with those 'used' diamonds?
  10. I will be getting my ring upgraded tommrow at tiffanys my boy to be did not have a lot of money when he got my ring now he has it and wants to upgraed it before the wedding
  11. Please give up details after Magical! How exciting for you!! :yahoo:
  12. I'm guessing they probably polish and reset them? I mean, the diamond doesn't go bad or anything! I've wondered about the buy-back policy too, but I love my ring, and it's not something I'd do until like a 10th aniversary.

    Magicaldancer - you're getting upgraded before you get married? Wow, never heard that one before! Must be some long engagement for his income to go up so much! Post pics!
  13. I will Post photos when I get it. It got shiped to Ny today I am sad though because I wont have it when I go back to IL for the bridal shower :sad: and that oh well they will see it at the Wedding. They were so post to have it done before then but they are so busy in Ny they cant get it done intill I get back and then they will ship it to my house. It was funny at the store I tryied on like .75 and above it my fingers are small and you could not see my finger and I did not like it so. I guess the big rings are not for me I go .50 of a cart and it is like better in the colorless scale and all that. I forgot what it was sorry on that I will post it in more detail when I get the book explianing the letteing and that. I cant wait when I get it. it was a little over 5,000 and the upgrade was 158 lesss then what he org. payed for it
  14. Wow, $5000 for a 0.5 ct stone. It must be top quality.
  15. Make no mistake - LOTS of diamonds are "used" if you're being very literal !!

    It is likely taken out of the setting and really polished. Then matched for earrings, set in another ring, etc. :drool: