Tiffany's Necklace: should I keep this or trade it in?

  1. i think the design is really unique, but don't keep it if u don't like it! i would though!
  2. ^I agree, the design is really unique. I like it! I'm a little more partial to the sterling heart collection, but then again, seems like so many people have that...

    I def like your necklace though. :biggrin:
  3. depends on what you are wanting the necklace for. for me, it's a bit too much for every day wear. if you like it, definitely keep it. but if you are unsure, i would trade it. you want something you love =D

    if you like the 1837 collection, i have the following. And i like it because it goes with just about everything.

  4. I would keep it. That necklace is so popular in my town that my store has been out of it for a while now. But if you're looking for something not so heavy, there are a ton of pendants to choose from. I personally love the atlas line. They also have an adorable butterfly that I'm eyeing.
  5. very unique i say keep!
  6. I really like it. I was actually thinking of getting the earrings tha matched, but ended up buying another bag instead!
  7. I really like it! But like everyone is saying.. if you don't love it.. trade it in!
    I adore that 1837 bar pendant that Tifany posted!!
    I have the oval "return" necklace.. it's heavy but I really like it.. I don't wear it everyday though.
  8. Oh I really like that necklace! However, you need to really like it or you won't wear it.
  9. ^^
    the graduated bead will get you a lot of compliments...that's what i heard from other people who own it. i want to go snatch one up myself too! and also i think the two other pieces are beautiful! you have great taste. you're just suggesting right? not buying..hehehe
  10. This one's okay IMO. It's definitely unique. For me, if I love something, I know and I am excited about wearing it. If you're not feeling that, then perhaps trade it in for something that makes you happy when you wear it.
  11. thanks. lucky for me, there's no tiffany's in geneva and the website only ships to the US :p
    i'm not really into the classic tiffany's pieces - the logo stuff, the 1837 collection... not really my thing. but i adore the frank gehry ring and a torque ring is definitely on my list next time i'm somewhere with a tiffany's shop.
  12. It's nice but I would recommend trading it about an Elsa Peretti pendant necklace? She has such beautiful pieces in her collection. Or perhaps a bracelet?

    Sorry, but chain reminds me of a pet collar.
  13. Wow, that is such a cute design, almost like handcuffs, I love it!
    But then again when if comes to Tiffany and your paying those prices surely you should LOVE it, if you are having second thoughts I would say exchange it for something you do LOVE.