Tiffanys Jewelry Addiction/Discussion Thread!

  1. Thats a BEAUTIFUL ring! Would compliment your bracelets ever so nicely!
  2. The local department held a special watch & jewelry event for their limited customers. Many of the world luxury watch makers and jewellers (Chopard, Piaget, Cartier, VCA, Fred, Bvlgari, Tiffany, Boucheron, etc. etc.) exhibited their products. I liked Tiffany's Victoria best. I really enjoyed trying on various bracelets!:p
  3. I've always loved Tiffanys... It all started with an obsession over the silver heart tag bracelet about 10 years ago, and it was all down hill from there. I've got lots of Tiffany silver, including the sparklers collection in silver. Hubby has really spoiled me and knows a blue box always makes me smile.

    Aside from silver, I have three celebration rings from Tiffany. My wedding band, which is a 3.9mm diamond chanel set, a 3mm diamond shared prong, and the diamond and blue sapphire jazz ring.

    I would love a gold link charm bracelet or a beautiful diamond pendant one day.... we'll see.....

    I recently got a trinity ring from Cartier, but to be honest, I think Tiffany styles appeal more to me. There is just something about Tiffanys!
  4. I wish I liked Tiffany's more. I go to the store and try and find pieces to love. I think I only love the diamond pieces and the charm bracelet.

    I used to wear the silver pieces,but I don't wear silver anymore and the gold is underwhelming.
  5. I like the Victoria collection, the gold charms and the elsa Peretti bone bracelet....
    The schlumberger bracelets are interesting but not worth the price IMO....just can't justify 30K for enamel, despite their iconic charm.
  6. Aha my love for Tiffany's all started during my freshman year in high school (not very long ago, since I've just finished my junior year lol). For my 15th birthday, my aunt got me the silver heart tag bracelet and I was obsessed ever since! That year got a job at a grocery store + babysitting + camp counselor in the summer and saved tons of money, and for my sweet sixteen I paid 1/2 the price for a platinum dbty, and my parents the other half (lol I wanted to pay it all, but they didn't let me). I still have all the jobs and keep a bit of my pay saved each month for myself (aka, Tiffany haha). I buy mostly silver pieces and a few more pricey ones every so often.

    Lol this is kind of changing now, and I'm keeping most of my money saved for college. I just bought the platinum bow ring and I think I'm on break for a while except for a silver piece here and there. I just love the modern, clean, pretty style. I know it's not as "high end" as Cartier or VCA, and a lot of people don't seem to understand why I'm so willing to spend my hard earned money (work + junior year = pretty stressful, but now it's over haha!) on Tiffany's when I could get it cheaper somewhere else, but they just don't get it. Tiffany's is definitely my favorite "high end" jewelry brand, but I still enjoy costume jewelry and unbranded pieces. I also do appreciate some VCA (the alhambra) and the Cartier love but I think I'll look forward to those later in life once I have a professional job :p

    Haha wall of text. I just really like Tiffany's :p
  7. What Tiffany items are on everyone's wish list? I have too many LOL.
  8. I saw an all platinum one on their site but did not see the yellow gold and platinum version. Which one are you referring to? Is the yellow/ platinum bee still available?
  9. Lovely tpf ladies, can you all please give me your opinions on my newest obsession, the aquamarine Legacy! Please excuse the quality of the pic but DH took it with his iPhone while we were at T&Co, this ring is not my size which I know makes it hard to visualize it on me lol but its the best I can do for now, also excuse my crooked fingers lol :biggrin:

    Do you all think it works as a RHR being that my ering is also a halo ring? My ering is the Soleste by T&Co which isn't identical to the Legacy but they are both halo style rings, should that be an issue? Also does the size of the stone/halo look ok or should I go bigger? I don't have any RHRs that are gemstone so this would be the first, the aquamarine is not my birthstone but it does hold special meaning because it reminds me of my DHs eyes :love: I know I'm corny lol anywho, thank you all in advance for any input! :flowers:
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  10. I love it on you! I would go bigger if you can though. I personally like a variation of shapes, so I would do different ring shapes but maybe if you wore a different band with your engagement ring it would make it look different? If this is the ring that makes your heart sing I would get it.
  11. I love the aquamarines! Small, big, whatever... I think that's a lovely color. My birthstone is garnet and I never liked it much until I researched and discovered it came in many more hues than just rust red. lol

    This is a very bad thread for me... heheheh..
  12. I tried that on while waiting to pick up my soleste. It was BEAuTIFUL!!! I would go bigger though, somehow it just looks so much better with the centre stone bigger than 1.5ct!! Ohhh I'm so excited for you~ the meaning behind it is so sweet!
  13. Your DH is really sweet!! Nice pic! Love the Legacy ring!! I don't think it's small. The colour is very nice.

    At the moment, no rings are on my wish list, but I still love the Cobblestone band ring:heart:. Ideal RHR IMO!
  14. Thanks doll! I agree with you, it needs to be a little bigger since I have larger size fingers. I called my SA and she is bringing in a few more for us to look at, this ring was a 1.50 ct aquamarine so she will bring bigger ones. I don't think I would change my wedding bands because I adore them & they match the Soleste perfectly :smile:
  15. Thanks for your input sweetie, garnets are beautiful you're lucky! I love this thread but I can foresee many additions to my never ending wish list which isn't good to our pockets lol!