Tiffanys Heart or Round tag earrings?

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  1. I already have a heart tag charm bracelet. I can't decide between the heart or round tag earrings. Which do you prefer? Which is cuter, or more classy? (or neither) Help! :smile:
  2. the hearts
  3. I have the hearts, but want the round ones. Idk why...I rarely see anyone with them.
  4. i have the hearts, but always wished i bought the rounds instead.
  5. The hearts.
  6. The round
  7. The hearts!
  8. i have both. i like the hearts!
  9. I prefer the hearts!
  10. I prefer the round.
  11. another vote for rounds
  12. They're both cute, but if I had to choose, I say round!
  13. Just got my e-rings as wedding anniv. Yesterday from my hubby.. Im loving it ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380580191.585807.jpg
  14. I prefer the hearts, they're so cute!
  15. The hearts are cuter