Tiffany's Frank Gehry Torque Bead Ring

  1. Hi,

    I really love the look of this ring, but I'd like to see it modeled to see exactly how tiny it looks. It must be pretty small, being only .18 carats, right?

    Does anyone have it, or have you seen it in person?

  2. I liked it, it looked pretty in an edgy yet feminine way. not exactly delicate, but it looked delicate on my finger in a good way.
  3. Hey, Fiat, that ring is definitely edgy. I likey!:yes: With 0.18 carats, it won't be too big, but with the surrounding metal, it's hard to say how large the face of the ring would be.
  4. is the band perfectly straight?
    if it is, i don't know if i'd like it becasue what i like about torque rings is the sort of twistiness of the band.
  5. I will have to go and check it out...I don't know for sure what the band is like, but it looks pretty straight in the photo.