Tiffany's DBTY bracelet

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Does anyone here own a Tiffany's Diamond by the Yard bracelet, or a version similar? I'm thinking about getting one with the singular bezel to wear every day -- something classic with a little sparkle. I tried doing a search, but wasn't able to find anything about the bracelet -- mostly the necklace.

    Thank you!
  2. Suli,
    I found these photos. Hope they are helpful. I believe these diamond mellees are 7-pts.

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  3. How about sapphires?

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  4. My DD and I both have one but we had them add 2 inches to the length so we could wear them as anklets :P
  5. Here is my every other link bracelet which is Elsa Peretti. I'm not sure if it is officially a DBTY bracelet but it certainly looks like the rest of the range.

    It has 21 stones in total.

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  6. Thanks you all for the pictures! I appreciate it!