Tiffanys cleaning service

  1. I've recently started to get some Tiffanys silver pieces and wanted to get them cleaned. They look dull and I want them shiny again. I've never had this done before and have NO clue how it works. First off, is it free? Do we tip? I'm soo noobie and I don't want to walk into their store and look like a complete idiot. Any advice on how I would approach this?

    Have any of you done this? How was the experience? TIA!
  2. I just ordered a pair of earrings for my special one and would like to subscribe in this thread as well for some info in the near future.

  3. flungflung, you just bring your pieces to customer service where there is usually 3 open booths. you give your pieces to the associate and let them know you want them to be cleaned. sometimes i've been given my cleaning free of charge, and sometimes i have to pay (something like $10/necklace).
  4. Agree with Jen - I used to get everything cleaned for free, but since they imposed the fee to clean silver, it's a bit hit or miss.
    What I find helps is if I bring in my higher value Tiffany items (e-ring, eternity and wedding bands, gold/platinum pieces) at the same time, then they usually waive the charge on the silver.
  5. I've brought my Tiffany stuff to be clean for about 3-4 years and they've never charged me. My friends have also never been charged bringing their stuff in on separate occasions. Perhaps it depends on each store?
  6. Thanks for the advice ladies!
  7. :huh:h, this is good info to know! Thanks!!
  8. I brought a silver bracelet in to have it cleaned and they charged me $10.00, I brought it to NYC.
  9. It cost $10. I heard it was free the first year.
  10. There are different charges, this is how its supposed to go, but again stores differ in whether they charge or not, they are supposed to though. a large necklace is $15, Bracelets and pendents are $10, and earrings and rings are $5 each. This is only for silver though. Platinum and gold are free of charge...
  11. I need to get that done but i rather pocket the money i would have to pay and clean it myself
  12. I brought in my bamboo garden silver mirror and not only was the cleaning fee waived (this was in April 2006), the woman really sat there and scrubbed at it with her silver cleaning cloth. While she scrubbed, she taught me about the oxidation levels of different metals and compared them to silver! I was also able to buy their silver cleaning cloth and I've found it to be very useful.
  13. The Tiffany's by me always charges me AND there is usually a 3-6 day wait to get your item(s) back! :sad:
  14. ^^Me too!

    "3 business days" ...which means... if you bring it in on Wednesday, you won't get it back till (at least) Monday after 5pm! :sad:

    But it WILL look almost new again! :nuts:
  15. Well, mine has always been free, but my items are not silver. They are platinum with diamonds. They do it while you wait. My advice, go at a slower time of the day and I am sure the service will be better and you will probably get it for free. The jewelry comes out looking wonderful!