Tiffany's Christmas for me too!!

  1. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a nice Christmas with all your family and friends :flowers:. I havent been around but I wanted to share with all of you guys some of my Xmas presents. I got a RTT bracelet from DH that I heart but Mom gave me my Grandma's gold medallion and I was so touch :crybaby:, she passed away a few years ago. She also gave a little elephant charm of hers for good luck, she's had it for 20 years!! and a beautiful pearl rosary.

    Notice the DH signature, someone is been around tPF, so cute!!
    IMG_5782.jpg IMG_5775.jpg IMG_5795.jpg IMG_5810.jpg IMG_5818.jpg
  2. Congrats on all your gifts! That rosary is beautiful.
    Tell your DH to join the Purse Forum!
  3. Your mom gave you some really sweet things, especially your grandmother's jewelry. That is so nice and sentimental. Your bracelet is pretty too- and your hubby put together a cute note!
  4. Thank you guys!
  5. How cute is his signature!!! Everything is lovely! Congrats!
  6. great gifts. the rosary is gorgeous!
  7. Congrats, great gifts!
  8. Congrats!
    What special gifts you received!
  9. Aw, you really did get some very nice gifts! Those pieces from your mom must be so special!
  10. Yeah, they are!! Thank you guys for all your comments.
  11. nice, congrats!
  12. how sweet! congrats!
  13. beautiful!!
  14. So cute!! Your DH is very sweet. I love my RTT necklace..hope you enjoy your bracelet!
  15. ohhh, that's really touching!! i think the sentimental stuff wins me over any day....ahh i can't believe i said that about tiffanys (knowing i'm such a tiffanys girl) but your mom really out did herself didn't she? beautiful gifts you received for christmans and may you cherish your gifts and enjoy them full heartedly :smile: happy holidays!