Tiffany's .05 carat <3

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  1. So I think I want this....


    But I have NO idea what it will look like in person! I know it will be tiny, and kind of want it to be. I am getting it to wear it with an om diamond pendant that my dad gave me before he passed away.

    What would you guys equate a .05 carat to? Kind of like the little stones on my ribbon ring? anyone have this or better yet modeling pics of it?!?! I would love you forever!

    TIA :smile:
  2. I want to see modeling pictures too. I think it's kinda cute to wear this necklace with a teeny tiny diamond - very understated elegance and casual chic, especially when it moves around and hangs to the side ...
  3. My friend has this! Exactly the one you gold! It's actually very pretty! It's small, but the whole necklace and diamond has a very delicate and feminine look and feel to it. Even though the diamond is on the small side....she definitely gets A LOT of attention. Everyone notices it and asks her about her necklace. So the diamond is not small to the point that it's a little stone on a ring, but it's not a big honka diamond either. It's very classy and chic.

    Hope this helps!
  4. awwwwww shiuri makes me wanna see it even moreeee!!! arghhhhhhh

    any way you have a pic of her with it on hehehehehe i think im gonna get it, its SOOO cute and not expensive at all

    so do you ugys think it will be too busy with a pendant or it will blend in and just look super cute?
  5. is it .05, or .50?
  6. I've been looking at this too! It looks so pretty! I would love to see a modeling pic of it!
  7. I think the one she's looking at is .05.
  8. the .05...i want it to wear with a diamond pendant, and figured it would be a fun (cheap!) way to do it! :smile:

  9. This is a 0.41ct compared to a 0.05ct diamonds by the yard, it might help give you a better idea of the size:

    I have the same e-ring as you, just compared the 0.05ct to my side stones, it's about 4x times bigger then the side stones.
  10. thanks krystaaa! i love it, any chance of getting a modeling shot!! hehe :smile:

    thank you thank you thank you my e ring twin! :smile:
  11. The piece I have with 0.05ct stones is a bracelet not the necklace, other wise I would definitely share a modelling shot.
  12. I would guess it's really, really, really tiny.
  13. yeah - thats quite teeny, but thats what she wants ... something elegant and a little flash ... im thinking of using my old RB .25 studs and making them into a similar DBTY necklace ...
  14. Wow, that is teeny. I wouldn't imagine that as a stand-alone stone, more like part of a pave design... but if you like it, why not! If it sparkles like crazy, it could be super cute.