Tiffany_Darling's Collection (Gucci, LV, Coach, Chanel, Burberry)

  1. What a pleasure to be among other fashionistas. Absolutely love reading all the posts and perusing through the bag showcases. So here goes ... my fashion evolution.

    I collected the Coach bags between 2004 and 2006. Forgive me but I can't recall the names nor prices of these bags. The Gucci collection began in 2006 and I purchased my last piece earlier this year. I purchased the LVs this past summer. I finally joined the Chanel club this month. I hope to add the black cerf bag to my collection once one with silver hardware becomes available at my store. I purchased the Burberry dog collar for my "baby." He's a bit mismatched eversince he outgrew his Burberry canvas doggie bag and I bought a Gucci large doggie tote.

    Enjoy and thanks for having me.


    coach_collection.jpg coach_closeup2.jpg coach_closeup3.jpg coach_closeup.jpg gucci_collection.jpg
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    chanel_collection2.jpg burberry_collection.jpg
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    gucci_closeup.jpg gucci_closeup2.jpg gucci_closeup3.jpg gucci_closeup4.jpg DSC00367.JPG
  4. Last photo. I don't expect to add to this post for a long time. I have been very busy in the past year.
  5. Congrats on your beautiful collection! :flowers: I especially like your Chanel and the Speedy! :love:
  6. Thank you south-of-france. I see why the speedy is such a popular bag. It goes with practically everything and has plenty of room.

    I love your collection as well. :drool:
  7. Love all your pieces! Love the Chanel and LVs.
  8. You got good combination here. A variety of designer handbag. Very great collection.
  9. awesome collection! So many great pieces.
  10. Love the GST and LVs!
  11. gorgeous collection!

    how do you like the deauville?
  12. Thanks ladies. RoseMary, I love it. That was my bag today. I like the fact that the material is canvas and doesn't cave in like my speedy. It's a fantastic travel bag.

  13. congratulations on your beautiful collection! it must be so hard to choose a fave... so what's your "daily use" handbag?
  14. Great collection:tup:
  15. Love your collection!! Thanks for sharing!!