Tiffany Yellow Gold Quality

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  1. Hey everyone! I am considering buying the Yellow gold Tiffany and Co tag Bracelet. I am not familiar with tiffanys gold quality. Does anyone have any experience with or pieces that are yellow gold?? Can you please tell me how they are holding up?? Thanks!
  2. Unfortuantely I dont own any of their gold jewelry but i do have plenty of their silver jewelry and if the quality is anywhere near their silver, I'd say you should go ahead and buy the bracelet!!! I can't see Tiffany putting their name on anything that ISNT quality.
  3. I don't own any yellow gold Tiffany products, but I'd stake my life on the fact it will be pretty bloody good. Tiffany is one of the best jewellers in the world.
  4. I down own any yellow gold but I own white gold rings and they hold up pretty well :smile:

    Also, if you are to get ur jewellery dipped for clean tiffany does gold for free so go ahead! :smile:
  5. I really like the color of Tiffany's gold (not too yellow -- the hue is rosier which I like). The Tiffany gold jewelry I own holds up very well. I do not have the heart tag bracelet, but have seen it in person and it is a pretty solid looking piece. You will not have problems with that bracelet in my opinion.

    Hope this helps,
  6. I have several Tiffany gold pieces and they are wonderful. They are all 18k and a rich color. My favorite is the Tiffany lock pendant; it is solid and just a joy to wear.
  7. I have a number of Tiffany gold pieces and I'm happy with most of them. I have a few of the Tiffany Paloma Picasso pieces and Elsa Peretti pieces in gold. They are well made and the 18K gold is a lovely tone.

    The only problem I have had is irritation in my ears to my Picasso gold earrings (loving heart ones). I don't know why - I normally don't have sensitive ears and am currently wearing an 18K white gold pair of earrings, but for some reason, every time I wear that 18K yellow gold pair, my ears get all crusty (sorry if TMI) and irritated. I don't know if they were using a particular alloy at that time?

    I have been hesitant to buy another pair of yellow gold earrings from Tiffany since. Otherwise I think they're great.
  8. Thank you everyone!!! Does anyone else own any Tiffany gold? The fact that so few people responded is making me nervous!
  9. I got the silver heart tag bracelet and the quality is great. I LOVE the piece.

    I have seen the yellow gold version IRL and it is gorgeous.
    The yellow gold is 18K which is very rich and pretty.
  10. I own the 18kt gold etoile band and I've worn it every day with my platinum etoile band and it has held up great! It is solid and ages beautifully. I've worn it for 2 1/2 years so far and I love it! I would say that their gold is fantastic!
  11. do you have pics of you wearing these two together?? I would love to see it. thanks
  12. I started a gold charm bracelet from Tiffany's. I'm pleased with their gold, its solid 18K and and it wears well. I also have the mini double hearts necklace and the 1837 bangle. Love them all!
  13. The gold jewelry I have from Tiffany is Elsa Peretti. The quality is lovely, a rich color and good heavy weight.
  14. Yes I do! I'll post it as soon as I upload it!
  15. I have two pairs of Tiffany gold earrings and they are both gorgeous. The color is really rich and they just look so luxurious, never brassy. I would definitely recommend it!