Tiffany Yellow Diamond ring

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  1. Can someone tell me the price and possibly the ct of the center diamond of this tiffany yellow diamond ring?

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  2. Is there any way you could describe it to customer service?

    From their site:

    Please call 800 843 3269 with questions or for assistance.
    Our representatives are available from 8:00AM to 12:00AM EST
    Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 5:30PM EST Saturday and
    10:00AM to 5:30PM EST Sunday.
  3. My guess at size is maybe a 2 or 3 carat radiant. My best guess at price, 150K since it's tiffany and looks very saturated yellow. And that's a VERY conservative guess.
  4. how funny! i JUST SAW it today and even tried it on (love how my s.a. allows me to play with all kinds of jewelry). it's about a 1 carat yellow diamond center stone surrounded by two thin circles of white diamonds. it is GORGEOUS and check this out, the price is pretty "affordable" in terms of tiffany prices is concern...about 14k. the one i tried on was on hold for a will be purchased to be used as an engagement ring. anyways, if i didn't already have my own e-ring and i was presented with this one, i would take it in a heartbeat. it is gorgeous.
  5. Hi, i've bought a set last month. 1 ring and 1 necklace. exactly the same as the ones shown in the pic. my ring is 0.5ct, fancy intense colour, Clarity VS2, £5200 pounds, the necklace is 0.62 ct, Fance Intense, Clarity Internal flowless (IF), £6600. hope this helps! they are absolutely stunning! i love them!
  6. oooh we need pictures Faye!!
  7. sorry guys.. i've taken a few pic by my phone... the quality of the pics is really really doesn't do the justice!!!

    sorry... can anyone tell me how to upload the pics it said max 193kb? thanks!
  8. You can use or Resizr to resize and host the image. They'll even give you the link/code to post to the forum. :smile:
  9. Cant wait to see your pics faye sounds stunning:happydance:
  10. you lucky gal! I would looove a yellow diamond.... pics, please.
  11. My dad bought my mom a yellow diamond that is 2.5 ct and had set in a simple ring setting (without any other stones) about a year ago and the stone was 100k so I would imagine that ring pictured is more than that with all those beautiful diamonds around it as well.
  12. hi dear all, i cannot upload the pics as they are too big (1MB), what i can do? :sad:
  13. Upload the pics into an albam of your profile if they are to big its more simple than to post them on the thread
  14. This ring is not Tiffany, but for those of you that want the look of a big stone in yellow and can't afford a huge diamond or sapphire, I purchased this ring that I think really gives me the look without the price, the yellow stone is called vannite and it is surrounded by small diamonds in white gold. Under $1000. I had never heard of this stone before, it came from a jeweler who specializes in unique stones and colored stones.

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  15. :tup::cloud9: