Tiffany Wins Against Counterfeiter

  1. I'm very glad to read this! :tup:

  2. Good to hear!
  3. Yay!!
  4. YES!! I HATE the fake T&CO stuff you see out is so tacky!
  5. Good for them!!! I hate when I see fake tiffany stuff... Who do they think their foolin?
  6. Awesome. I hate counterfeits!
  7. that's great!
  8. yay!
  9. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!
  10. :yahoo:Good, I hate fakers!:yahoo:
  11. Fantastic news!:wlae:
  12. glad to hear but there are too many of them still exist in Chinatown and Flushing.
  13. woohoo!
  14. In NYC, you see more fake everything here than the real thing, and Tiffany leads the pack! Most ppl who buy the fake stuff don't have a CLUE how much the real stuff costs. Some of Tiffany's pieces aren't all that expensive, so I honestly wonder what the draw is in laying out money on a fake. :confused1:
  15. Wohooo!!! Good for them.