Tiffany vs. VCA...

  1. Well almost...

    My friend (as a way to deter me from the Tiffany Garden bee pendant I am hopefully getting within the next couple of weeks) gave me a new combo of pieces for me to consider. She was saying to get the bee pendant made next year by a jeweler and now to get a VCA MOP butterfly (reg size or sweet) + the Tiffany Gold beads bracelet.

    Her argument is that the butterfly will be a better investment than the Garden bee- which is rose cut diamonds and 18k. I have wanted the bee pendant for years and years- it is my HG Tiffany pendant, however I am loving my VCA bracelet and it would be really nice to have a matching pendant and coordinating bracelet.

    What do you think?
  2. I would choose whichever one you like more.

    According to your post, I think you like the bee pendant more; after all, you have been wanting it for a few years.

    If you don't get it, you may regret it. Don't let your friend tell you what would be a better investment. Choose whichever one would make you more happy :smile:
  3. Get what you really want! You can always save for more VCA later.
  4. jewellery is very personal, what may be your HG may not be your friends. get what you have been wanting for years :biggrin:
  5. Get the Tiffany one since this is the one you've wanted for so long. I buy pieces I am truly going to love and wear, not what friends tell me is the best investment.
  6. Just to be devil's advocate here - sometimes I pass on stuff I've wanted for years & years because even though I've wanted it for so long - I haven't wanted it bad enough to pull the trigger. If there's something I really wanted, there's no way I could keep putting it off for so long. So - think about why you haven't bought the bee yet & see if that's still relevant.

    Not that it should matter, but my preference would be your friends suggestion, but ultimately, follow your own heart :flowers:
  7. The reason why I put aside the bee wasn't because I didn't want it- I honestly couldn't afford it back then because I was paying off my undergrad. Now that I am done I am allowing myself to buy a couple of pieces. The bee was said to be discontinued over a year ago, so I was sad and continued with other pieces. And now last month it came back in stock- but it is a lot more expensive then before. So I have been saving gradually. I really do like the VCA butterfly too, I honestly wanted that as my first piece but I went for the bracelet instead thinking I can add it eventually.
  8. Get the Tiffany since your haven been given a second chance. If you let this opportunity slip again, you are going to regret it. I personally would pick the bee pendant as I'll rather invest in diamonds.
  9. I like Tiffany diamond pieces. Get that cute bee! The VCA will always be there.
    the bee is special, the beads are mass produced and common.
  10. Ahh, well in that case you have to get the bee! How often do we get a second chance after missing out on something? Ignore your friend.
  11. I love the Tiffany bee pendant and would get one if I could afford it. It is one of those things that would be nice to have the original of as Tiffany does it so well. Since it is something you've wanted so long and you have the opportunity, I'd vote for getting the bee and seeing if you want those other items later on down the road if you still want them.
  12. Get the bee! It sounds like you've been in love with it forever and ever and BOTH lines will go up in price (both have occasional price increases so they are equally good investments IMHO)... I think it's really admirable that you paid off your loans first and now you should get the one that makes your heart sing the most!!
  13. The bee pendant is so special and unique... You can add to your VCA collection later...
  14. Get the might not be around for long and then you'll have no regrets again. Besides, it sounds as if you truly want the 'buzz' from it:smile:
  15. No question...get the BEE!
    I disagree with your friend. While I love VCA, I don't agree about the butterfly being a better "investment". It is cute but I would never buy it, preferring the more classic pieces.
    Invest in yourself and buy what you love.