Tiffany vs Cartier bracelet

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  1. F85DC1EE-1876-4B88-A442-FDF2848E8F4F.jpeg C331424F-620F-4997-A80B-A7FEFD71A213.jpeg Hi all,

    Which do you prefer out of these two? I really love both brands and have jewellery from both. I am after a gold bracelet that is dainty.
  2. Really like the Cartier rings bracelet:heart:
  3. Prefer the Cartier of these two. The Tiffany skews younger to me.
  4. Definitely the Cartier bracelet:smile:)
  5. I wonder does anyone have either so that I can see some real mod shots? My arms are not as skinny as these models!
  6. I would prefer the Tiffany bracelet only because I don't like bracelets like the Cartier rings one. The reason is because the weight of the rings in proportion to the rest of the bracelet will make the rings bit fall down and it'll always be on the bottom of your wrist just due to gravity. You'll constantly be adjusting it because you'll want the rings to be on top, and because of its position, it'll get scratched more when you're wearing the bracelet and using your laptop, etc. That's why I don't go for bracelets with a single point of "gravity" anymore, but ones that are more balanced out, like the VCA 5 motifs bracelet instead of 1 motif, so I don't need to be constantly adjusting it. However, if you have similar bracelets and it doesn't bother you, then it might be the right choice!

    The Tiffany bracelet has been out for a long time but I usually only see the sterling silver version. To me, it seems like a good piece for stacking (I used to have a similar piece for stacking!) and I find it very comfortable to wear due to the roundness.

    Hope this helps at all!
  7. Hubby got the Tiffany bracelet for me on his business trip :love: and he'll be back next week so I can post photos then. I've had the silver version for a few years and it's certainly a perfect daily bracelet, very cute, but I find silver troublesome to look after so I don't really wear it now.

    As Anesthestia has said, the Cartier rings will always flip to the bottom of your wrist due to its weight. I have a Bulgari bracelet with a single "barrel" and I'm constantly having to shift it to one side :mad: so it's not right under my wrist (in hindsight I should have picked something else), which is uncomfortable when I'm resting my arm on the desk for example. You basically pay a lot of money to look at the clasp since that's what you will see most of the time.

    Therefore with the exception of Diamants Legers bracelets which come with a large dangling logo to balance the weight, I will no longer buy chain bracelets with a single decoration.
  8. I prefer the Cartier bracelet, I used to have the necklace version and it is such a gorgeous design. I don’t know how old you are but I think the Tiffany bracelet is quite ‘young’ with the heart charm. The Cartier would look good at any age so may have more longetivity, just my two cents!
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  9. I’m 30 so yes I think you’re right. I need to think of longevity at this point!
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  10. Younger vibe or not, I think the Tiffany bracelet would just feel softer on the wrist, if you care about that aspect of it as I do.
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  11. I prefer the Cartier. Feels more classic to me.
  12. I totally agree!
  13. +1
  14. I prefer the Tiffany bracelet (although I do wish they had kept the round designs as well, I don’t love hearts) because the Cartier would make me crazy always spinning around.
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  15. You are still so young so either would look good on you, but I do think the Cartier is more classic.
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