Tiffany Victoria or Tiffany Schlumberger Platinum Diamond Ring?

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Tiffany Schlumberger or Victoria Platinum Diamond Ring

  1. Tiffany Schlumberger Platinum Diamond Ring

  2. Tiffany Victoria Platinum Diamond Ring

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  1. If you have a choice to get one of these, which one would you get?

  2. Victoria - It is beautiful!
  3. Love the Victoria!
  4. Schlumberger- this design has been around since the 1960s.
  5. Victoria.
  6. This!
  7. Have you tried both of them at the store? Which one did you find most comfortable?

    I just got the Schlumberger in gold and platinum, but whatever you feel you would get the most wear/comfort. They are both great choices.
  8. Yes, hubby made me tried both of them when we were at Tiffany's and he favors the Victoria style on me, but I do like the look of both of them and they both feel very comfortable on my finger. My only worry about the Victoria is that the diamonds are not as protected as the Schlumberger because it has more platinum surrounding the diamonds so it's safer to wear on a daily basis, whereas the Victoria's diamonds have less protection so I'm worried that the diamonds will get damaged easily if worn on a daily basis.

    With the price of these rings, I hate for it to sit pretty in a jewelry box. These rings are meant to be worn proudly. Do any of you wear your Victoria or Schlumberger on a daily basis?
  9. Schlumberger. One of my colleagues has one, it looks fantastic with any office or evening outfit and is very classy.
  10. I adore the Victoria.
  11. Victoria!!! this has been my dream ring for years, I don't think you can go wrong.
  12. I don't own either ring, so I can't help you out there, but my preference is the Schlumberger. It is such a classic Tiffany design. Also, if you want to wear it every day, I think the Schlumberger would be a better choice. It looks more like something one would wear everyday, and the diamonds are more protected.
  13. Victoria!!!
  14. Do you think wearing the Victoria everyday is too much? Please let me know your honest thoughts. Thanks!

  15. My vote is the schlumberger, it is very classic. While I love the Victoria collection for earrings and necklace I just feel like it's uniqueness is the x shape design of the marquise diamonds, but in this style ring they are overshadowed by the other bling around.

    Both are great. Though! :smile: