Tiffany toggle bracelet too long...

  1. The Tiffany heart tag toggle bracelet is 7.5" and a bit too long for my wrist. Does anyone know if Tiffany's will remove some links to shorten it to 7"?
  2. Yes, Tiffany's will remove links for you. I've had this done before.
  3. Yes, they can shorten or lengthen almost any piece. You may have to leave it with them depending on how busy they are in repairs.
  4. Thanks Chichi143 & Texas Girl:smile:
  5. I don't have the toggle, but the regular one, and a tiiiiny, tiny wrist. I had some links removed - and it was pretty pricey if I recall - I wanna say around $50.00..? :hrmm:
  6. ^ Really? Maybe they've changed the policy. The last thing that I had them remove length to was the beaded bracelet. I had this done a few years ago and they removed them without charge. Same for my heart charm bracelet when I first got it in HS.
  7. ^^^ I had this done within the past year :yes:. They said they needed to send it away. It's not an in-shop job.
  8. Thanks for the additional info. Will keep this in mind and ask when I'm at the store.
  9. Removing links is something they do out of shop, they send it back to NY where they do all of the repairs. They usually don't charge for this procedure.
  10. I took mine to a different jewler and they were happy to help for a much smaller fee. I remember that tiffany's wanted to charge a fee to remove the links and my local jewler did it for free.
  11. I live in NY - brought it to my Tiffany, in NY, and they still shipped it out and charged me a pretty penny. Again, this was within the past year. But they also said an "added bonus" was that it was cleaned while away. They also charge for that now-a-days, whereas they used to steam clean right there on the premesis for free.
  12. I have no idea about getting links removed, but I could imagine it being a pretty penny just because it's Tiffany's!
  13. definitely..the cool thing is..they can even make an earring stud for you for the links taken out..!!
    I heart Tiffany's!:heart:
  14. $50 bucks for having links removed? ouch. if i ever needed any adjustments/links removed/shortening, they will do it for free within the 30 days after you purchase. good luck!