Tiffany Time Account

  1. In the past if you spent $1000 and had a charge account you could get no finance charge installments for 6 months but when I was at Tiffany's NYC this week they said the minimum amount was now $5000!! Of course I found this out after I bought a beautiful pink sapphire and garnet necklace for just under $1000.
  2. I'm not sure...I shop alot at Tiffany's, but I don't trust my willpower with a T&CO credit card! LOL :smile:
  3. ^^neither would i. i shouldn't be reading this thread right now...because i'd probably do the $5000. and if i heard about the $1000 i would have jumped on the boat instantly. shame on me....
  4. my first installment is going to hit me May 1st....not looking forward to...why they gave me a 50,000 credit line???!!!