Tiffany Teardrop necklace

  1. Does anyone know the difference in size between the small and the medium silver teardrop necklace? I know the small has a 16" chain and the medium is 18", but the actual "teardrop" size I'd like to compare. If anyone had pictures wearing either of them, that would help a great deal too. I think I want the small one, but I'm not sure.
  2. The medium is rather large especially because it is not only longer than the small teardrop but it is also wider too. I would say the medium is about 1 inch long while the small is probably half the size. Have you seen the mini? It is tiny and amuses me somewhat, lol!
  3. I've never seen the it cute? Anyone know the price on it? I couldn't find it on the website, but I'm looking for a gift for a little girl, and that sounds ideal!
  4. I have the small and its the perfect size for me. I think the large is way too large - looks less like a 'teardrop' KWIM?
  5. I have also the small one and if I remember correctly the bigger one A LOT bigger!!! And IMO not very pretty...
  6. I have the large one in gold and I liked it better than the small teardrop.

    I thought it had a great sculptural shape. It doesn't look as much like a teardrop... but in a way it still does, so that's why I liked it. I keep forgetting to wear it though!
  7. Thanks. I ended up getting the small one. I wore it yesterday and I really like it. Thank you!