Tiffany tarnishing

  1. I did a really stupid thing. Well I forgot I had some of my tiffany silver pieces on and went for a swim in the pool. When I came out I noticed they were all greyish and looked dull. At first I was like WTF? Then realized it was the chlorine in the pool.

    Is this fixable? I was thinking about sending them in to Tiffanys to get them 'fixed', not even knowing if it could be done. Then I remembered reading a post using some kind of cleaning polish for silver? Will this work? I read that it would work to make them shinier, but in my case they got really tarnished pretty badly. Where would this be available? Any particular kind that works best? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
  2. Sorry to hear that. I was told that silver should not come in contact with chemicals (chlorine is a pretty harsh chemical) like perfume, alcohol and all that or it will lose its luster. Even our skin's acidity causes silver to tarnish too. You can try to have it polished at Tiffany's or your local jewelry store or try those silver polishing cloths. Jewelry shops or your local supermarket or hardware store may also have those silver jewelry cleaners. I have the cloth and it works wonders for my Tiffany bracelet and necklace.
  3. I bought silver polishing "mitts" from Tiffany. They are impregnated with a silver cleaning chemical. They are amazing!!! I highly recommend them. I paid $20 for the pair. So worth it, you can actually see the grime come off your silver onto the mitten, and they last a long time! You are never supposed to wash them, you let them get dark and "ugly"! I have had mine for a couple of years!
    Best of luck!
  4. You can also buy the silver polishing cloths at Macys in the jewelry section.
  5. Thanks for the help ladies. I thought I was going to have to trash them or something. Shows how much I know about silver. Phew.. =]
  6. ^ Good luck getting the tarnish off...but the silver polishing cloths work like a charm!
  7. I use the cloth and the Tiffany silver polish spray. However, I feel like I can never get it as clean and sparkly as I would like. Even when I have been cleaning it for 5-10 min with the spray and an old t-shirt, I finish it by using the jewelry cloth, but there are still black marks on the cloth. Are you able to polish it to the point that there are no black marks on your cloth?
  8. Never!!! There's always black marks but polishing silver still helps to make it look nice! But, if you have a silver item polished professionaly (at Tiffany's), it looks almost brand new!!!
  9. Hello!
    OK Ive not worn my jewelry lately so my collection of silver pieces from Tiffany has built up so much tarnish

    it takes so long for me to use the Tiffany silver polishing cloth plus the there an easier way to clean the jewelry? or any better cleaning products than the ones sold at Tiffany?

    What do you guys use?

  10. I just use regular sterling silver cleaner that I buy at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I just dip the jewelry in, and ten seconds later, it's tarnish-free!
  11. ^Yup I use that too, though my heart toggle necklace is pretty bad so I think I'll have to have it done professionally, then later on do it with my own cleaner.
  12. how much does tiffany's charge to clean it btw?
  13. I'm sure the prices have changed since then but when I used to have them done, it was $8 for my bracelets and $15 for my necklaces.
  14. Only take to the store for a professional Tiffany steam clean.
  15. you should try the baking soda remedy, i think if you do a search on tarnished jewelry you'll find it!