Tiffany surprise

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    I didn't think I was getting anything else for Christmas since DH bought me a pair of red patent Christian Louboutin shoes and he's promised me a pair of CL Booties as soon as I can find the ones I'm looking for. He totally surprised me by giving me this Tiffany Rose Gold Key necklace under the tree. Love my DH!!!!
    Happy Holidays everyone!
  2. Congratulations vhdos...........I love your new Tiffany Rose Gold Key necklace! Your DH is such a sweetie!
  3. So pretty! Congratulations1
  4. Oooo... that is really nice!
  5. Thanks ladies for your kind words. I just adore rose gold:biggrin:
  6. Very pretty! I like seeing more rose gold becoming available!
  7. Such a wonderful surprise gift, congratulations!
  8. very pretty!
  9. What a sweet gift!!! It's lovely. Enjoy wearing your necklace and pendant!
  10. Gorgeous necklace!
  11. Congratulations! Your DH did good!
  12. Woohoo for DH!! It's gorgeous!
  13. I love the rose gold congrats!
  14. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  15. very nice necklace! i got a tiffany key as well :smile: