Tiffany Style Setting-Should I Get A Matching Band Or Wear It As Is?

  1. Just looking for opinions. I am switching my 1 carat diamond from yellow gold to platinum. I am pretty plain, so I just want the traditional setting, but should I get the plain matching band attached or just wear the main setting? I have been married for 5 years, so whatever I decide will be my forever ring. Please give me your opinions on what you think looks best.

  2. i would definately choose a set (in your case plain band with ering)....otherwise you just look engaged. :smile:
  3. I would also get the matching band.
  4. Same here. Matching band, otherwise you just look engaged.
    I actually like eternity rings on both sides of the diamond ring. Get one now; get the other on your tenth anniversary.
  5. ^ I like Coco's idea
  6. You know how to do it coco-nut!

    If you are more of a traditional female and quite plain... I say the plain band is perfect. It is classic and elegant.
  7. Matching band for sure!!!
  8. matching band or you just look engaged
  9. I agree, get the matching band. I upgraded my ering for our 9th anniversary and I tried wearing it without a band but I felt like something was missing...I now have a diamond eternity band with it and all is perfect!
  10. Thanks for the tips, ladies. I really appreciate it, as my hubby can't give me much advice in the jewelry dept. The eternity band is another good option. I was also wondering if you think it looks better to get the bands sautered together? I think I would like to have the option of wearing both rings together or separate. Like if I go camping, I could just wear the band w/o the diamond for example. But when I did wear them together, it might look funny. More opinions, please, if you have 'em! You have all been so helpful already!!
    Here is the pic of the one with the eternity matching band.
  11. I have the T&Co set and bought both the knife edge and diamond eternity channel set band. Honestly, I only wear the eternity band. i'll attach pics of both so you can tell what it looks like IRL.
    T&Co set plain 2.JPG Wedding set 2.JPG
  12. Those are gorgeous, Tweetie! Thx fo the tips.