Tiffany stacking rings ---

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  1. These are so cute. Does anyone have any?


  2. No, but I think they are so cute. I would love to see if anyone owns some
  3. That aquamarine one is calling my name....LOUDLY!
  4. haha, it is calling my name too!
  5. i think it might be calling both our names:nuts:
  6. Those are so great! I've tried them on a time or two! I picked up one for my sister's birthday prezzie. She LOVES it! AND it gives me excuses to get her MORE!
  7. those are really cute.
  8. hi guys!

    i have the green (peridot) square now, and will be getting the pink one in the next few days (a birthday gift)!

    i'm not sure if i want to change it up with the round or stay the same with the square.

    any thoughts?
  9. I got the square aquamarine today! Superstash I tried the round and the square on together and they don't really fit. I would say you need to stay with the square. I think it will look better if they are all the same shape.
  10. hmm! i am going to look tomorrow. did your store have all the color/shape choices available? i have this feeling my store is going to be out of what i want to try...

    i'm in nj -- riverside square, possibly going to short hills.

  11. Yes they had all the shapes and colors. I tried them all on and preferred the square. I though I would like the round more, but didn't. The round stones are a little smaller than the square also. I want to get all three colors and stack them together. One looks kind of skimpy lol...
  12. I've been eyeing these guys for so long.
    Maybe at the end of the summer I'll bite the bullet, depending on how much money I make over break, and how poor I want to be when college comes back into session..!
  13. I don't have any of these but they're on my want list...I love them!!

    I'm a fan of the square ones.
  14. Those are super cute! I definitely like the square better, I agree the round stones are a bit smaller. My favorite is the pink tourmaline!
  15. I love those too. I would love to a photo of them stacked. :yes: