Tiffany SS Necklaces- Opinions please!

  1. Which would you get? Does anyone have the second one... it looks like it could be heavy.

    tiffany 1.jpg

    tiffany 2.jpg

  2. i have the second one. its not heavy at all. (i don't think anyway) :smile:
  3. It's a tough choice but I think I like the second one better. BTW, what does "SS" stand for? :p
  4. I should have spelled it out.... Sterling Silver...
  5. I like them both! Personally, I'd go for the second one..just a bit over the first--IMO.
  6. i got the second for my cousin--it's gorgeous! i reccomend that one :yes: hits just in the right spot, not heavy.
  7. i like the second one also.
  8. 2nd one!
  9. i like the second one best!

    i have one of the choker style sterling silver necklaces (oval tag return to tiffany) which would be much heavier...but i get used to it within minutes of putting it on and don't even notice it.
  10. You guys must have read my mind! ii was reading a post a few days ago about the gifts for the B Mitzvah and I started thinking about getting my nieces their first tiffany piece. I do not have a Tiffany's in Louisiana, but we are going back to Orlando for Memorial weekend.

    Can anyone tell me the size of the charms in the posts above? How big/small- or better yet a pic on someone?
  11. well they are both cool, but i like the one i got my baby doll, because that's the one she liked and that's the one she wanted.if she like'd the ones you are talking about ( she may like them as well i dont know ) then i would like them too.
  12. #2!
  13. I like the second one.
  14. 2.
  15. both :yes: