Tiffany somerset heart mesh ring broke!

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  1. I just bought my heart mesh ring over the weekend and already the heart on the ring keeps coming off... Im disapointed because I drove three hours to get it and now I am left not even wanting to wear it afraid that it will fall off and I will lose it...
    Has anyone had any experience with this? I dont want to mail it to the new york store and have to wait a month to get it back. do you think I would be able to just go the the kansas city store and exchange it for another one?
  2. oh no!! sorry that's happening!! did you call the store to see what your options are?
  3. no net yet, I plan on doing it tommorrow. Hopefully it works out!
  4. I had a cupcake charm that broke on me last year. It actually broke in half, so when I went back to the store I only had half of the charm. They did have 1 left in stock at my local store (Scottsdale) and they had no problem doing the exchange.
    You should be able to exchange your ring no problem.
  5. update... I was able to exchange my ring for a new one. Customer service said that it must have been defective, either way I'm happy:biggrin:
  6. great - i'm glad it worked out.
  7. I've never heard of that happening with this particular piece. Their quality control must be going down hill. For future reference if you ever by something from Tiffany's and it breaks within 30 days always ask for a new one and not a repair