Tiffany solitare engagement ring

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  1. On average, how much does a 1 ct Tiffany solitare engagement ring go for? :shrugs:

  2. Entirely too much. You're paying for the name and that little blue box. Go around the corner to "Joe Schmo's Jewelry" and price out the same cut/clarity/carat/color weight diamond ring in the same mounting. You'll be stunned at the price difference. Once it's on your finger, no one knows where you got it anyway, so why pay out the nose for bragging rights.
  3. Too much. Like the pp said you are paying for the name. There is nothing wrong with that. If thats what you want you can get a nice diamond from them, but you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere. You should check out these websites Whiteflash & goodoldgold. Both sell excellent diamonds/settings. We bought my diamond from Whiteflash and it is beautiful.
  4. I was at the "new" Tiffany in Kansas City earlier this month, and my sister and I looked at a 1 carat and a 2.08 carat solitaire. I believe the 1 carat was somewhere between $18-20K, and the 2.08 was around $60K. You are paying for the name, but they also have a pretty rigid stone quality, so you will always get a stunning diamond from Tiffany. And their 6-prong setting is NOT the same as the "Tiffany style" 6-prong that other places offer. If you look at it from the side, the shaping is quite distinctive (see pic). However, you could probably have a similar setting custom made.

    We have a fabulous diamond retailer in Tulsa...Israel Diamond Supply. I got my diamond from them, and my sister's engagement ring came from them, and they are fabulous to deal with and the prices are oustanding...especially if you know exactly what you want in a stone. The sales lady at Tiffany (who was VERY nice, I might add...not at all snobby) was gushing over my e-ring and wedding band, and asking where they were made. So I think I did alright, even though it's not a "Tiffany." (That said, the Tiffany solitaire is THE timeless classic of rings. But a plain solitaire did not look as good on me as it does on some, and hubby wanted something wider with more stones. Still a very classic look.)
  5. Overpriced yes.. but it's definitely what I want on my finger !

    I'd settle for a Joe Schmoe 6 prong setting though.
  6. A lot of it depends on the diamond specs - my e-ring and band it from Tiffany's and I realize we paid a HUGE markup on the ring, but it was the whole experience - DH proposed after a shopping trip to T&Co on Fifth Ave in NYC. Honestly, my ring is amazing and it was probably one of my favorite things we spent money on for the wedding. It's a 1.4 ct, VVS2 G color and it sparkles like there's no tomorrow - even after 2 years of wearing it, I still get stopped in elevators and at checkout counters.

    The color grades sold at Tiffany's are D to I. A D will be crazy expensive - it was sooo out of our price range. A 1 ct will probably start at around 10K, and go to over $20K for a D.

    Also, the Tiffany setting is superior - I have yet to see a "Tiffany style setting" be able to replicate the nice side profile of the real thing.
    Wedding set 2.JPG
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  7. The actual Tiffany setting is so beautiful...I never realized how beautiful it was from the side until I saw it in the engagement ring thread.:love: I can see why people would want the actual Tiffany ring, but you can get a lot more for a lot less elsewhere. Still, I love that setting.:girlsigh:

    My experience in the actual store was so great. I expected them to be snobby and smug, but they were far from it! They were practically begging be to look at things and try things on! And one lady actually complimented my engagment ring. The ladies in there that day just seemed to loved showing the pieces. I'd love to go back soon...:lol:
  8. That is so beautiful! I'm off to the engagement ring thread to see the side view you are talking about.
  9. I have one that's a lil over a carat and it was around $16-17,000. He won't tell me exactly but that was ballpark. I got the round solitaire in plat. setting. Hope that helps!
  10. Cheers to the Tiffany classic engagement solitaire!!!!!! And more cheers to the stunning Legacy collection.
  11. Since no one has given the exact price yet, I'll chip in :smile:

    Exact price: 1 Carat, Colour D, Clarity IF = £20,400 ($38,031 or 43,025 CAD)

    Also may I ask why are you enquiring? Or will there be good news pertaining your engagement (and matrimony) in the near future? :smile:
  12. Yes, enquiring minds wish to know.:P Lol! Just tell me to MYOB.:lol:
  13. I have to say that despite the massive markup, a Tiffany's engagement ring is by far superior to anything else you can get. If you can afford it, go for it!

    When my ex-fiance proposed, I got a 1ct Tiffany-like ring with a 6 prong setting and to be honest, it looks like a piece of crap compared to the real thing.
  14. nah vancleef or cartier are pretty nice too ;)
  15. I don't like when people knock Tiffanys. IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY and spending it won't hurt you...their diamonds are gorgeous. BUT, if youhave to sell things, put it on credit, and make your life miserable it is not worth it.

    I have a Tiffanys 2 carat platinum cross and let me tell can sparkle like mad even if it hasn't been cleaned in ages. YOu are paying for the diamond quality.
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