Tiffany Soleste Ring

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  1. What's the difference between the two because I can't find any differences in the description, but there is still a price difference between the two rings? But I think it's cute, it looks 'fresh' and 'young' imo.
  2. Oh never mind, I see the pink diamonds are different ;)
  3. I couln't find the difference either so thanks! I think these are really gorgeous!
  4. I saw the one with pink diamond in person. For some reason, it doesn't look as lovely as the all white diamond.
  5. Do you think it looks to "busy"?
  6. Wow, yeah honestly I don't like it! I was trying to put my finger on why exactly... I think yes, the differentiation between the pink diamond halo and the white diamond halo, and then the white centre diamond, is busy... also I REALLY do not like the pink gold prongs. It's not the same pink! I get why they'd do YG for a yellow diamond but RG and pink diamonds don't really match - so that's introducing yet another element to the colours/business.

    Sorry! Not a fan. To each his own though! I'm sad, I thought I'd be like :drool::drool::woot::woot: over Tiffany pink diamonds!!
  7. It kind of looked cheap. The pink color looked like copper. Barely can see the diamonds.
  8. Yeah, maybe they shouldn't have set the pink diamonds in RG. I'm not sure what to think, but I also prefer the classic "clean" look of the Soleste with white diamonds.
  9. I so agree with this. I wish the rose gold and pink diamonds were the same color.
  10. I saw those on their website today and I don't really like them either. The design just looks it's not here nor there.
  11. Oh man! It's hard to hear that you all don't like it!! I just got this ring, and I love it! I have gotten nothing but complements from everyone who sees it.

    I love the all diamond Soleste also, but my fiance picked this one because he thought it was more unique and girly looking. Mine has a 1 ct center stone. Here'a a pic: