Tiffany Small Open Circle Pendant or DBTY Solitaire?

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Which Tiffany diamond pendant should I go with?

  1. open circle pendant

  2. DBTY solitaire (.33 carats)

  3. DBTY solitaire (.44 or more carats)

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    Hi everyone~

    I picked up the small diamond open circle pendant in platinum today at SCP - it was an impulse buy because I went in to have my Pt EP open heart pendant cleaned and polished. It dawned on me that it would be nice to have an 18" Pt chain to switch up with the 16" chain that came originally with the pendant for a different look. Here is a link to the EP open heart pendant I have:

    I went to the Pt/gold section and the open circle pendant caught my eye. To be honest, I have been disappointed at how little sparkles I get from the EP open heart pendant since I got it years ago. There were five diamonds (more like diamond dust to me - no offense to people who love this look) on the open heart pendant and it is very delicate. On the other hand, the open CIRCLE pendant sparkles like crazy when I tried it on. It is definitely a more classic look and I liked how it looked on me. My DH and kids were waiting for me in another store, so I didn't really think too much before I went ahead with the purchase. And here is the link to the open circle pendant:

    On my way home, however, I realized that I completely forgot to ask to see the DBTY solitaire that I have thinking about buying. For the same price ($2650 before tax), I could have bought the DBTY solitaire (.33 carats). I usually dress pretty casual for work - and with a toddler and a baby, I only get to dress up once or twice a month. I am looking for something versatile that I can either dress up or dress down. Here is a picture of the DBTY pendant (.33 carats):

    Should I keep the open circle pendant or should I exchange it for the DBTY solitaire (0.33 carats) or possibly a larger DBTY solitaire? Thanks!
  2. I have both the platinum open heart with diamonds and you are right that the diamonds don't sparkle that much, if at all! I have the DBTY .40ct in platinum and it's one of my fav pieces. I would exchange the circle pendant for DBTY. Good luck deciding!
  3. I have the DBTY and I love it. Personally I would exchange the heart for it.
  4. DBTY over the open circle...
  5. Another vote for DBTY.
  6. Do you have a modeling pic of the open circle pendant? I am not sure of it's size...
    However, I think if you're looking for more sparkle, the open circle may be the way to go.
    More stones = more facets = more sparkle.
  7. #7 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    Thanks everyone for your imput! I am still torn between the two styles.

    Not sure if this additional info will help:
    1. I'm 5'9" and in my early 30's.
    2. I usually keep things pretty simple: I only wear my e-ring (2.01 cts center stone with two 0.5 cts sides stones, all color F, VS 1), wedding ring (2.55 total cts eternity band) and my black Chanel J12 33mm with diamond markers. So I'm getting plenty of sparkles (for my taste) from the rings.
    3. I am not 100% sure about the open circle because I think it may look a little too, ahem, too mature on me. As for the .33 carat DBTY, I think it would be a little too small for my height. For the price of .44 carats and up, I am well aware that I can spend that kind of money on much bigger quality stones elsewhere ...

    Please help!
  8. The open circle pendant measures 14 mm across on the outer edge and 8mm on the inside across. Sorry I don't have a modeling picture.

    I agree that more facets = more sparkles. Decision, decision, decision...
  9. I would go with the DBTY, i'm 5'10 and I wear a .08 dbty solitaire at all time and I get compliments like crazy in this tiny little stone! I doesnt look to small for my height just delicate :biggrin: and it sparkles like crazy!!!
  10. The DBTY is a lot more elegant and grown up than the open heart pendant in my opinion. I think it's a better fit with your lifestyle. And if you can do more than the .33, go for it!!
  11. I'm 5'10" and have a .23 DBTY that I think is plenty large for my size...
  12. Ahertz- what metal DBTY do you have?
  13. I like the open circle myself. Stunning!

    Maybe you should buy a replica DBTY necklace. It's a fairly simple design, I don't think it would infringe on Elsa Peretti's design copyrights.
  14. Sorry, hun...just saw this. I have a Bluenile dbty in white gold.
  15. Ahertz, I'm certain that bluenile dbty necklace in white gold looks just as beautiful as anything from a powder blue box. What a smart buy!

    So unless you really care about the blue box or Tiffany diamond certificate I don't see the purpose of buying the actual Elsa Peretti DBTY. Wendy, at bluenile, you can choose the exact specs you wish your diamond to be.

    Unless you're having some SERIOUS second thoughts I'd just keep what you have and buy a 1/3 carat blue nile dbty style necklace later. Post some modeling pics. Flaunt what you got. It must be sparkly!
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