Tiffany Silver Polish?

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  1. Does anyone know how much Tiffany's charges for a silver polish kit? I need to go pick one up.
  2. do they sell any kind of polish, or just the cloth?
  3. ^^ It is a cloth that they sell and it polishes the silver. That ebay auction is exactly what it looks like.

    I have a cloth also but I never use it since I wear my Tiffanys daily. Ladies on this forum told me if you use your Tiffanys alot, it will not tarnish and vice versa.
  4. I went into the Tiffany's downtown today and picked up some silver spray polish and a cloth. Only $15 for both. Not too shabby.
  5. I went to SF downtown and the lady told me I really only need a cloth so thats all I bought. I forgot how much I bought the cloth for but I got the large one since they were out of small ones.
  6. does the polish really work? I have a huge t&co collection so I could never wear them daily and my pieces tarnish.

    I've resorted to having them cleaned (by t&co) which is getting costly and they keep the pieces for a few days at a time. Aside from the price and time the result is FABULOUS--- just like new.
  7. Yeah, it works great. Makes the jewelry shine like new...doesn't get rid of scratches though. I'm not sure what takes care of scratching, if anything. They were really helpful in suggesting what was best for what jewelry I have, and the bottle of polish I bought is pretty large, so It'll last me a while. :yes:
  8. I clean my Tiffany silver jewelry with Hagerty silver foam and it does a great job.
  9. The spray from Tiffany's works great and it's much better than the cloth.
  10. alohamariss - Please tell me more about this spray. I didn't see it on the Tiffany website. :confused1:

    Can you use the spray for silver and gold? Do you spray and then rinse it off with water? And finally, with the mixed metals on some Tiffany pieces (two-tone) can you use the spray and cloth to clean both metals? TIA
  11. It's just for silver and you basically just spray it on and then wipe it off. You could even use the silver cleaning cloth to wipe it off with. I would recommend getting two-toned pieces at Tiffany's.

    edollasign- I totally agree. When they clean the jewelry at the store it really comes out looking like new. I used to work at Tiffany's so I used to get everything cleaned all the time and for free, it was the best! It especially makes engraved pieces look nice because it removes all the scratches and everything, so nice!!
  12. the spray bottle is pretty big and will last you a long time. it's 250 ml (8.5 oz). the spray by itself is only $10 which is really reasonable. it works really well. it's what they use at the store to clean the silver jewelry they have on display. the bottle itself has directions for use on the back & it specifically says it was formulated for only silver jewelry and it shouldn't be used for precious stones and fancy jewelry.

    the only thing i didnt like using the spray for is when i clean my mesh ring. it kind of gets stuck in between the crevices. for the mesh i prefer using connoisseurs two cloth cleaning system. it works just as well as the tiffany spray in cleaning & polishing. i think you could buy it @ walmart or something like that.

    hope this helps!
  13. I have the clotch and polish - it was like $15.00 total - not bad and very worth it.
  14. TO get rid of scratches, drop your pieces off at T&Co and pay to have them polished. I guess it is a little pricey, I probably do it 2x a year for all my pieces and they seriously come out looking brand new!