tiffany silver charm bracelet

  1. any reviews?
  2. which one are you talking about? if you are talking about just the plain bracelet for charms and then adding the plenty of charms they offer, I love it! I have one of the chain link bracelets and so far I only have the Padlock charm for it but I do plan on buying more. It's very easy to wear and goes with practically everything!
  3. the padlock is the charm i want, at least to start!
  4. Are these the same basic silver round link bracelet? I have the older one with the heart - I was wondering if I could just start adding charms to it? The links on the newer one look larger and Tiffany calls it the Large Link Bracelet. Just wanted to make sure though before I buy another one.


  5. Are you talking about the one in the ad with the lady who has the white bag slung over her shoulder?

    Sooo cute!!
  6. I love both of them!
    I would like the 2nd one for Christmas/Birthday, I already have a heart tag one.. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. I think it's cute, but, in all hoensty I only like the gift box and the padlock and I already have the heart one (shows below) unless they come out with cuter charms I don't really see myself wearing them on a bracelet, more just as necklaces :smile:

  8. I think its a great gift idea for my SO b/c then he can just continue to add charms for special occasions! ;)
  9. I can't tell if the links are bigger because the entire picture really is bigger. I'd give T & Co a buzz & ask them. I have the circle return to tiff one & I love it still.
  10. i have the EXACT same question! would love to add the atlas charm to mine if it would fit...
  11. I'm almost positive they are the same size links. I also have the older version with the heart and I have the heart padlock, too. When I put it on the bracelet, it looks just exactly the same as your 2nd pic. Am I making any sense? Probably not, but I think the links are the same size.
  12. ^^^ I was wondering this myself :confused1:
  13. I love the charms! I have the padlock necklace and bracelet and I have added the gift box charms, the heart locks and the atlas cubes to my collection as well.
  14. I love tiffany too, so lovely.
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