tiffany silver beads

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  1. do they scratch easily like rrt line?
  2. I have the bead necklace & earrings. I've wore them about 10 times each and they don't have many scratches.
  3. they scratch, but thats just the nature of sterling silver
  4. they are bound to have minor scratches no matter how careful you are, however there are not noticeable at all. i love my bracelet!
  5. Mine are in my avatar (graduated necklace and bracelet) and I have never noticed scratching..I have had mine for almost 5 years. :yes:
  6. Inspired by somebody's collection that you just saw:graucho:. They do scratch but b/c it's rounded and not flat, the light helps distort the scratching so it's not really obvious. You know what i mean? It basically looks brand new for a long time. You're referring to the sterling silver beads, right?
  7. WOW, 5 years is longgg :nuts:
  8. I've had mine for some time, and they age beautifully, I can barely notice even a patina that silver normally builds up. It really helps that they are round !
  9. I have the necklace and bracelet too.... no scratches for me either...two years of wear!
  10. It was my first Tiffany jewelry and a special present for the birth of my 1st son. :heart:
  11. ^^ awww, now that's super super special. Thanks for sharing your story with me :smile:, gives me the warm fuzzies inside how nice the meaning behind some presents can be.
  12. ^^ thank you aqua~ :tender:
  13. i have had the necklace (not the graduated one) and the bracelet for about three years and I think that they look as good as new. I don't wear them every day but have worn them quite a few times and they are always complimented on. They are the only tiffany jewellery that I own and i love them.
  14. you're welcome:flowers:
  15. I have the graduated necklace, bracelet, and earrings. They are some of my favorite pieces in my collection and I wear them often. The bracelet definitely does have some scratches on it but nothing noticeable and definitely nothing that takes away from its beauty. I have been loving my set for over 4 years!