Tiffany Setting Question

  1. does anyone know if you have a diamond already and would like to purchase the Tiffany setting, ie the band with the two rectangular side diamonds, and put my diamond in the middle, if Tiffany does that? TIA:love:
  2. To the best of my knowledge, Tiffany will not sell their settings unless you purchase your diamond from them.
  3. I am pretty positive they don't sell it unless it is their stone... if you're looking for a simple setting with baguettes it really should not be hard to find elsewhere, and for less $. I think their pieces are beautiful, but i got a larger stone, with higher GIA grading than the stones I looked at there, and with a more elaborate setting with .25 added carat weight for $10k less... from a very reputable B&M jeweler who does a lot of high end sales in my area.
  4. thanks guys!! i know nothing about diamonds so i figured maybe i should stick with Tiffany's..thanks for your insight, i'm going to just ask around and find a great jeweler