Tiffany SAs Question

Aug 4, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Please forgive if this has been covered before, but...

As a new customer at T&Co I'm curious about the SAs. I asked for the same saleswoman on my second visit, and she was soooo grateful. Do they work on a straight commission? I know at LV they get a credit for every item sold, no matter the price. TIA.


Mar 3, 2008
I'm fairly certain it depends on the department.

I only have experience with the 5th ave. T&Co in New York and I know that their 2nd floor (fine jewels & engagement rings) SAs work on commission.

I am not positive the same is true on the top floor (silver pieces), but it probably is. It's always so chaotic and they really churn out business so I never seem to cultivate loyalty there.

I once had a small return (when you could actually buy a silver necklace there for $150) and got so much attitude, it made me furious. I couldn't tell if it was because I was taking away commission-business from this particular SA or just because it was T&Co. I did not appreciate being made to feel *****this****** small for a return! :yucky:

I have regularly been disappointed with SAs at T&Co. I so much prefer customer service Van Cleef.

Even when I go in and don't buy something, I'm never made to feel guilty or horrible about looking.

Maybe I'll just rest with online shopping at Tiffany and not think about how much I truly hate their guts.... :boxing:


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
I think it depends on their position, I know some members of staff work on group commission, so I guess some work on straight. It's also helpful since all higher end stores focus on clientelling - so when someone asks for you again, it looks like you've done your job ! :yes:


Addicted to Tiffany's
Apr 24, 2006
The SAs at the T&Co by me (Scottsdale, AZ) are always very sweet and helpful, whether I am buying (frequently!) or returning (rarely!) LOL