Tiffany ring size

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  1. why not contact tiffany and ask about sizing? i'm sure, if you ask, they'll size it down to a 4.25... but then again, i could be wrong. you won't be happy if the ring doesn't fit properly.
  2. I did contact them today and they were closed. I believe they reopen on Dec. 26. Well, it's my fault b/c it took me too long to decide what present I want. I'll go to the store on Dec. 26.

  3. For the price Tiffany charges, they damn well better accomodate a size change!!!! ;)

    Seriously though, all jewellers will re-size rings for you. Enjoy!
  4. Oh, and very pretty ring! Happy holidays!
  5. i'm the same way... i agonize and agonize, trying to make the right decision, only to be a day late and a buck short. it's a beautiful and should be worth the wait.
  6. I'm a 4.5 and I get the 5.
  7. Thank you all !

    It will be my first Tiffany :smile:

    I can't wait until tomorrow !!!

    Happy Holidays everybody !
  8. ^^ A first tiffanys? AWWW, and a great pick too! congrats on a wonderful gold piece!!! YAY, i'm a tiffany's lover and i can't wait for you till tomorrow either. show plenty of pics to show that baby off.
  9. since that ring is thick it runs a bit small so they recommend you size up for half sizes :smile: