Tiffany Ring Fit/Size?

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  1. My boyfriend got me this for Valentine's Day: and I absolutely love it!

    When we went to the store to get fitted, size 5 was working perfectly for me - there was a little push needed to get it past the fattest knuckle and if I "flapped" my hands around, it wouldn't fall off. However, this was after a 40 minute wait in the store and I was very, very warm by the time I was fitted. I was outside a lot today (in cold weather) and I realized the ring is a tiny bit loose - it slides easily and smoothly over my knuckle and if I "flap" my hands around, it'll fall off. It does seem to stay on through normal walking movement.

    Is this the correct fit? Or should I get the 4.5 size? Any advice or help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. I had a similar experience with my ering- it fit fine in the store but was waaay too lose once I got it home. Ring fit is somewhat a question of personal preference, but I like my rings to be snug over the knuckle and not move too much on the finger. Some people are comfortable with a slightly looser ring, but if you feel like it's constantly at risk of falling off your hand, you won't be comfortable wearing it. I would say, go back to Tiffany's, explain what happened, and ask them to exchange for you. Hopefully they will be OK with that.
  3. It kind of depends on if you're going to be taking it off an on a lot. If you do then you want it to be looser since you don't want to struggle with it every time. If you leave it on a lot then tighter is better so you don't lose it. I can usually tell just by watching someone put on a ring how the fit is. My rule of thumb is if it's a little hard to put on it's the perfect fit, if it's too easy or too hard then it's too big or too small.
  4. it really depends.. your hands shrink during the colder months.. which is right now for you.. although it's my understanding that atlanta gets VERY VERY HOT especially in the summer.. it is called hot-lanta right! so when it gets hot.. your fingers are gonna really swell up.. and if you go down in size you might not be able to wear it at all. but if it's slightly big right now.. you can get a ring guard.. they have little plastic rings that you can slip on the back of it and it'll make it stay on your finger.
  5. My fingers swell up in the summer big time! i would keep the bigger size so I could wear all year.. I like the idea of a ring guard for the winter months.
  6. wow, thank you all for the replies! I will look into getting a ring guard because as lisachen08 said, it will get hot. Thank you all again!! I am loving my first piece of Tiffany jewelry! :heart: