Tiffany Repair Experience?

  1. Just wondering if any of you have had any experiences with Tifany silver pieces breaking?

    I got a flower charm bracelet in August and it broke last week. Since it was under warranty, I sent it back and am waiting to hear what they have to say. The charm and link was lost so I have no idea what to expect.

    Also, for those of you that have Tiffany pieces, do you wear it every day? I hadn't taken mine off since I got it...just wondering if I should be more selective when wearing it.

  2. they are great, i think they send all repairs to new york. i have done it twice, and the piece comes back as good as new...or new if they can't fix it.

    i have an elsa necklace that i have been wearing shouldn't have to pamper your jewelry. wear it! if it breaks, get it fixed!
  3. I wear my pieces every day, but I don't wear them into the shower and the such. I'm kind of rough on my pieces, and I must say, they are excellent in quality !
  4. My silver has held up well, and never take them off, even to shower. No swimming, though. I don't have any repair experience, but I'm sure it's excellent.
  5. I am generally very happy with Tiffany's quality. I started getting them in my late teens and have had some pieces for about a decade now. I have a mix of silver, gold and platinum and of all my pieces, I only have had a silver ring where a part became loose. Tiffany fixed it at no charge.
  6. I had to send my Return to Tiffany heart charm necklace in for repair and they did a great job , the thing came back so shiny I was amazed ,
  7. All of the time...I have the monogrammed key chain and the ball always falls off...well, I bring it in, they shine it up, and replace the ball.
    I have a few other items, baby rattles, spoons, another problem at all with these...
  8. I have a ton of Tiffany silver jewelry that I wear pretty often and the only piece I've ever had problems with is the Venetian bracelet. I got one, it fell off (and I didn't even realize, so it was lost), bought a replacement one, which also fell off without me realizing. I called Tiffany's to complain and they basically told me "Oh well" since I didn't have the bracelet for them to fix, which is understandable. I got a third one about 2 years ago (I can't stay away from the style!) and had a safety chain put on it. Haven't had any problems since! But out of the 15 or so pieces I own, that's the only one that has ever given me a problem- so I'd say they hold up pretty well!
  9. Update - I got a call from Tiffany customer service, they received my bracelet, they are fixing it no charge!! You really have to love a company that stands behind their product!
  10. So glad you are having a good service experience - I have not had to send anything in for repairs, only cleaning/polishing, but it comes back GORGEOUS! You should get it back brilliantly shiny from them, it's great :smile:
  11. Do you have to pay for the cleaning/polishing?
  12. I have been wearing 3 TCO bracelets everyday for the past 3 years, I sleep, shower, swim with them and they still look like new. I did however have the heart lock that fell off and I lost it, I called TCO and left a message and a woman called me back within mins and they replaced it free of charge! On the otherhand I shipped back a key chain that the ball fell off of and they emailed me stating that it would be $80 to repair! So far I have had pretty good customer service other than the high price with the keychain.
  13. Yes its like $15-$25 per piece
  14. I had to pay $15 to have the scratches taken off the "1837 Double Cross" necklace I bought in 2007 in San Francisco. The sales associate convinced me to buy it by saying that they repaired scratches for free, especially since that design scratches notoriously easily, and before I bought it I stated that concern. Well a few months ago they charged me for it, albeit at a different location from a different associate. They did throw in free cleaner after I received it from New York, though.

    It looks as good as new! Really, all the scratches are gone and the etching looks as crisp as it did the day I bought it.

    In my opinion the service was excellent but their policies aren't consistent and the benefits of purchasing from Tiffany's are starting to wane. Needless to say I haven't made a purchase since.
  15. I haven't had to repair anything Tiffany yet, but their reputation is so great that I can't imagine them having anything other than customer-oriented repair services.