(tiffany related) does anyone have...

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  1. yes, I have this in the C, I originally bought it to wear as a pendant then decided to put it on my tiffany charm bracelet with my other tiffany charms. I like it better on the bracelt. If I could figure out how to post pics on here I would. it always tells me they are too large.
  2. ahhh thank you!! hm.. i think you need to upload them on photobucket or tiny pic and then copy paste the link, tht would be most helpful. thank you!!
  3. OK, i will try that tomorrow...thanks
  4. Looking Forward To It!
  5. hey! AAAHHHHHH THANK YOU so much!!!! it's so pretty, i LOVE IT!!
    thanks for all your help, you were most certainly helpful!! :smile:
    love all your other charms too, so cute!