Tiffany question...made in?


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Jun 3, 2006
I just got back from Tiffany, bought the single strand pearl bracelet with silver twist clasp. I have one and my sister in law loved it so much I decided to get her one. Mine (purchased from same store several years ago) has larger stamp and only says Tiffany & Co 925. This one has smaller (actually nicer looking) stamp with Tiffany & Co 925, what looks like some sort of signature that is too small to make out and then Spain. I noticed on my Elsa Peretti double loving heart necklace (two months old-gift) that the back of the charm part has T&Co 925, then the clasp bars have 925, Spain, Peretti and Tiffany & Co. None of my other pieces have Spain on them but some of the stamps are small and neat looking (the newer pieces) some are larger (the older pieces). I know nothing about Tiffany, are different pieces stamped differently? Is there a newer stamp (it does look better than the large version) and where is the stuff made?
All the Elsa Peretti silver is from Spain--the 925 is the silver content, which is very good--in fact the Tiffany's silver standard is so good, it became the US silver standard (I love that bit of trivia). And supposedly Spanish silver is the best (Yay Spain!)--so it would make sense that Tiffany has their silver fixed up good...made in Spain!