Tiffany Purchase: Blue Bag Or Not?

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  1. When you buy something at Tiffanys do you leave with the blue bag or do you request the plain white one? I never want people to know that I purchased something from there because I think I'll get mugged so I always get the "other" about you?
  2. when i make my first tiffany's purchase Ill let you about 5 years or so...:cry:

    although I really like their sterling silver collections...:noworry:
  3. I will leave with the blue bag ! and keep it forever. LOL

    (Where do you live ?)
  4. I didn't even know there was that option!!! i would probably leave with the blue bag and if it was something really really expensive and small i'll put it in my purse! I mean i would never ask Louis vuitton for a plan bag over the nice thick brown bags they give me. ;)
  5. Blue bag.

    I still have mine, along with the cute little blue pouch and box, I love it!
  6. Dont they have security to walk you to your car? They do at the one near me.
  7. I never knew there was an option. My purchases always came with the little blue box and white bow and the little blue bag! Yes and the little blue pouch!
  8. I've never even thought about that before, so I guess my answer is the blue bag. I did once just ask for the box only.
  9. I’ve never bought anything from Tiffany’s but if I did I think I would want the blue bag.
  10. I bought a very expensive vase from there and I didn't mind carrying it around in an enormous blue bag! I never think about getting mugged, though... scary!
  11. Tiffany's = bluebag. :biggrin:
  12. blue collecting them they're so cute :P
  13. I did not know there was a white bag. I buy from Tiffany & Co. quite often. I buy a lot of baby presents there. I love their banks and plate sets for babies. My husband and I also wear their perfume and cologne. I love Pure Tiffany. I've also bought quite a few pieces of jewelry from Tiffany's. Some of it was for me and most of it were birthday presents, etc. I love buying family and friends gifts from TIffany.
  14. You need to get the blue bag, it's part of the whole experience!
  15. I didn't even know there was a different bag!! I always get the blue bag, and I always smile at the blue bag! Ha