tiffany prices

  1. would tiffany jewelry be the same price for the same jewelry in different stores (aside from sales tax), say in ny and in ohio?
  2. Yes, when you go in to Tiffanys and you know what you want, for example 1ct classic solitaire D/E/F, VVS1-2 or whatever, theyll look in their computer to see whats available. The computer shows them all the merchandise at ALL Tiffanys around the US and the price of that ring. Then when they find something that matches your specifications, they ship it in to whatever store you are buying from. So if you have the exact specifications and tell them to a salesperson, be it in NYC or in Ohio, they would both have the exact same ring shipped in and it will still be the same price as the computer showed.

    I hope that made sense...
  3. thank you that was very helpful!