Tiffany Price Increase thread


Dec 12, 2018
I just can't believe the pace at which Tiffany has been hiking up their prices... I was eyeing the Hardwear necklace 3 years ago and it was around USD $10K. When I looked again in summer 2021, it was already $12K. So I bit the bullet and bought it. A month ago I realized the necklace had gone up to $17K and I loved it so much that I also wanted the earrings, so I decided to also get the large sized Hardwear earrings for about $6400, despite the fact that I didn't have occasion to celebrate (I usually buy myself jewelry to celebrate a milestone). What a great decision it was! Just last night I found out the earrings had already gone up to $6800. OMG. I'm glad I got the earrings and necklace combo and I'm very content, but I don't think I can afford to add another piece, at least for a while.


Jan 1, 2016
Crazy. I can’t believe they haven’t even been out a year and have had two substantial price increases already.
I think the priced it more attractively when released to get them out and create buzz. I personally think this was always the plan when the line was originally released. Can’t believe the half pave was 13k 6 months ago lol.