Tiffany Price Increase thread

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  1. Just in a store today looking at bracelets and the SA said that the prices are going up on diamond pieces July 15th - I she wasn't sure how much...just encouraged me to buy before then.


  2. oh not good.
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  3. thank god i have nowhere near the amount of money needed for tiffany diamonds. :biggrin: i hope they don't increase the silver prices anytime soon!
  4. Yikes.

    I was going to treat myself to nice, small studs for my last birthday since I'm an April baby but was quickly priced out of my range.

    Maybe in another 10 years...
  5. oh no...
  6. Again! :wacko:
  7. Good thing I purchased the Tiffany feather diamond pendant yesterday.
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  8. Their silver prices seem to be going up pretty fast. My BF bought me the SS heart link bracelet w/the 18K Gold heart for Christmas and it was $475 then now it's up to $550 :wtf: That's a pretty big jump in about 6 months.
  9. oh man! i wanted to get studs and one of their rings.. this sucks!
  10. I know. I was looking at the etoile bangle (among other pieces). I'm not ready to buy right now so was very disappointed to hear prices are going up.
  11. Yup. I bought some diamond studs there and the SA said I was lucky since prices go up on July 8!
  12. WTF!

    lame... that's fine, i'll just stick to my fave online vendors.
  13. we were looking at E-rings and SA called b/f last month saying the same thing---she said 15-20% across the board for diamonds!
  14. Wow! It would not be so bad if they had a wide range of diamonds in all price ranges, but they dont.
  15. My friend looked at tiffany to spend £25k on a 2 carat, could not find one in the Lucida cut, lots of rounds, I think in the USA you get more choice!