Tiffany polishing service - is it worth it?

  1. Hello ladies,
    I have a Tiffany bracelet I would like to have cleaned/polished. I have never used Tiffany's polishing service before, so I'm wondering if it is worth the $15 fee or am I better off doing it at home? Any feedback is appreciated! How often do you clean your Tiffany silver/gold pieces?
  2. Totally Worth It! My bracelets come back looking brand spanking new after Tiffany polishes and cleans them.
  3. They charge a fee? I'm not sure if I'm getting the same quality polish but the SA's at my local boutique clean my pieces for free. Is this not the same thing?
  4. Cleaning is not the same as polishing. Polishing is making it look new. Removing scratches.
  5. ^@Ame Is there a huge difference when one gets her pieces of jewelry polished in the store as compared to buying polishing cloths from them (both for silver & gold) and polishing them on your own?
  6. Yes! Significant. ESP with gold and plat. The cloth hasnt got the ability to smooth out the scratches. It just temporarily fills with a polish compound to conceal. If Tiffany's takes and polishes the item (typically sent away) it should look like brand new.
  7. Wow. Thank you! I'll keep that in mind. :tup:
  8. Did they lower their prices for polishing now? It was like 40$ last year. Before that it was something like 10-15 depending on the item.
  9. $15 is the fee for getting your pieces tumbled. This is good for silver pieces that have light scratches. They do the tumbling in store. For $40, they will send out for your silver to the nyc store and it will be thoroughly polished and it will look brand new. If it is gold or platinum then this service is free of charge.
  10. I wouldn't polish jewellery too often, though, because with every polish a tiny bit of the metal is removed. Shouldn't make a huge difference with large, chunky pieces but still something to bear in mind.
  11. Gold and plat is free? Didn't know that! I've only just had mine cleaned, not polished.
  12. I didn't know that either, that's a good incentive to buy gold!
  13. THIS ^ is NOT TRUE of PLATINUM. Gold, yes, Platinum is displaced when scratched, not lost like with gold. Polishing gold takes a layer off, polishing platinum just moves the metal back to where it was.
  14. In that case I wonder if they can polish off that big scratch on my ering prongs made my by shared prong wedding eternity band....
  15. Probably, though you need to be wearing a spacer between them to prevent that from happening again. That might be a lot more entailed than just a polish if that metal is seriously displaced though.