Tiffany Platinum...


Nov 11, 2012
While browsing through a number of high-end jewelry sites, other than Tiffany and Co, I've noticed that very few seem to use platinum for jewelry pieces that aren't engagement rings or on the highest end of their price spectrum. Instead, white gold is generally used. What's especially odd is that these brands are generally viewed as of higher prestige than Tiffany, yet use a metal generally seen as somewhat lower-end than platinum (I think?), while Tiffany uses platinum even with relatively less expensive items.

It occured to me that white gold, due to its rhodium coating, might (?) look whiter than plain platinum, and thus show off diamonds better, but if such is the case wouldn't rhodium plated platinum be preferable?

However, I've also noticed that Tiffany seems to be using white gold much more than platinum in their recent collections, such as Return to Tiffany Love and the newer Bow pieces. Of course, this may not actually represent a trend away from platinum, but it does make me wonder how Tiffany - and other luxury jewelry brands - choose one metal over the other.

(I prefer platinum to white gold primarily because I don't want to have to worry about replating, but also because the idea of platinum just seems more luxe to me than white gold.)



Apr 21, 2011
For the most part platinum tends to be more expensive than white gold but the price is highly volatile and tends to sometimes even dip below the price of gold. Platinum is usually preferable for rings since they tend to be more subject to wear.

As for why designers might choose one over the other, I'm not quite sure but it's usually for cost savings, since majority of the time platinum is more expensive. However there is one important thing to note, which is that platinum is harder to work with so more ornate shapes tend to be made with white gold. In addition for necklaces and earrings, some people might prefer white gold due to the lower weight.

Personally, I'm not a fan of plated white gold and prefer the steel grey of certain un-plated white gold alloys. However I would always opt for platinum for rings but in a brushed finish. I'm sure that there are others of similar mind so manufacturers might be trying to cover various sensibilities by using both "white/silver" metals.