tiffany party??????

  1. my sis got an e-vite to a tiffany party. hostess claims it is wholesale products. red flag! seems fake ot me. m i right? also all my tiffany has pouches w the flap. are the ones w the drawstring always fakes? thanks ladies!
  2. Tiffany never has sales and you cannot buy Tiffany wholesale. Fake, fake, fake.
  3. Just like LV, Tiffany never sells wholesale..
    Not all pouches w/drawstrings are fake..most of my store bought necklaces and bracelets that are bigger come in drawstring pouches.
  4. exactly! soooo fAKE!
  5. Obviously counterfeit goods.:tdown:

    But the pouches and packaging for Tiffany products differs depending on the range, size and price of the items. A lot of the less expensive sterling items come in the pouches with the flaps, pouches with drawstrings are used for older items and also for larger items. Obviously when you get up into gold and diamond-ware:nuts: you get a velvet box.
  6. Definately fake! Tiffany does not do this.
  7. There is no such thing as an authentic Tiffany party!
  8. :push:
    Oh how the word wholesale makes me shudder.
  9. totally fake Tiffany's would never do that
  10. What a coincidence.. I was invited to one as well! I knew immediately it was fake.
    I guess the Tiffany fakes are going the way of the purse party.. trying their luck in the community.. tsk, tsk! :sad:
  11. This definitely sounds like a fake party! Like others have said, Tiffany never has sales, and you cannot buy anything wholesale!
  12. Yes, that would def be fake.
  13. I would call T&Co corporate and report this if I were you
  14. Yeah, me too. Sounds so fake:yucky:. That would be the best thing to do IMO.:yes:
  15. I wanted to bring this thread back up. My coworker told me she got an email from her friend who went to a 'tiffany party' and the 'sales associate' at the party said the pieces are Tiffany pieces that have flaws to them (printed two words together, wording slightly crooked...etc.). I'm assuming this is fake as well right? What got me thinking is the prices of these things. Apparently it's 3 pieces for $110cdn.

    I'm trying to convince my coworker not to believe it but I just want to do some research just in case this was the real deal and I caused her to miss out on a deal or something.