Tiffany Oval tag necklace

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  1. Been wanting one of these forever so I think I'm going to splurge. I would rather buy a used one than brand new but how can you tell authentic on ebay? If anyone has one the want to get rid of PM me?

    Thanks for any tips!
  2. Goodluck, to tell you the truth I won't buy jewelry on Ebay. It's hard to tell the authenticity of the item unless you really know your stuff.
  3. Whatever you do, don't buy off eBay. For this reason, Tiffany & Co. is suing eBay because of the abundance of fakes on their site.

    Twinklette, are you getting gold or silver? I have silver oval return to Tiffany bracelet. I love it but I can't stand when it tarnishes. With that said, don't forget to pick up the cleaner at Tiffany if you get the silver.

    Congrats! Post pic of your necklace when you get it.
  4. Definitely DO NOT buy Tiffany's on eBay. The great majority are's too risky. You are better off buying it new.
  5. I have one I'm willing to part for. Wore it twice and been in its dustbag for like 4 years. I just took it out and took a look at it and I first need to clean it w/a silver polisher to see the condition of it w/out its tarnishes that it naturally built up on the past couple of years. LMK if you're stilling looking for one and I'll send you a pic of it once it's polished tomorrow. Don't have a polisher at home. This is an opportunity for me to really get my lazy butt up and polish the rest of my Tiffany silver jewelries and put them up on eBay. :idea:
  6. It's hard to tell fake Tiff stuff on eBay. I'd steer clear from it.