Tiffany - Out of Retirement Collection

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  1. Thank you for starting this discussion. I actually love the collection lol. It seems fun. The 80s were sexy and playful! I think the time is ripe to celebrate everything 80s especially with fashion's new-again love of yellow gold!
  2. Love some of it. The takeout box (pill box?) is so cute I'd absolutely buy that if I ever saw it. DH already has the $ money clip vouch bought from a vintage dealer.

    Think it great that companies like Tiffany are reissuing there older funkier designs and not just classic pieces.
  3. I am not feeling the entire collection at all. The prices are insane too. What is that party hat? It looks cute but what is that for?
  4. I agree.

    To me the collection looks like a hodgepoge of items; there is nothing cohesive.
  5. IMO, this collection doesn't feel like Tiffany at all. Not a fan of any of the pieces.

    And really? A $1500 paperclip?
  6. Oh my goodness. No, definitely would pick return to Tiffany bracelets over that collection.
  7. I'm zero percent into it... and echoing everyone above, the prices are ridiculous and the items are strange (like MatAllston said above, what do you even do w/ some of it?)....

    But then again, I'm not into Frank Gehry pieces either... To each his own! :biggrin::P:biggrin:
  8. It is interesting to read the comments. I am not a regular consumer of Tiffany products, although I am interested in the brand in a general sense. I find this collection adds appeal as it seems playful and unexpected. A little along the lines of the wildly successful Gucci rebranding in fact.
    According to this interview the collection is about shifting the perception of Tiffany back from being a house of merchandise to a house of design.
  9. 1500 value of a gold safety pin? Lol who is gonna buy that?
  10. I love the earrings with green tsavorites though but too pricey for me
  11. No, just no. :nogood:
  12. +1
  13. I agree! I think it's fab and just what they need.
  14. Not for me!