Tiffany or Zales? Apples or oranges?

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  1. #1 Sep 28, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2012
    Hello everyone! I've mentioned that I've been wanting a Tiffany jewelry for quite some time now and I am hoping for either a Tiffany heart key, Tiffany infinity or Tiffany bow necklace.

    Of course everything I like from Tiffany is just in their sterling silver line since that's what I can only afford for the moment. LOL. But I've been searching ZALES site and I see similar and actually pretty designs as well for those 3 styles from Tiffany that I want.

    Please take a look at the comparisons below:

    Tiffany Heart Key

    Zales Heart Key w/ Diamonds

    Tiffany Infinity

    Zales Infinity

    Now, the items from Zales are sterling silver with real diamonds. Of course, I would like really to have some sort of diamonds on my jewelry and for the price difference, I am just thinking Zales might be too good to be true?

    I've heard quite a lot of Zales horror stories here but I just wanna ask for those who own or have seen Zales diamonds on silver, do they even sparkle? I mean, the prices are SO LOW! Should I expect it to sparkle even? I have a ring from Zales with Diamond "Accents" and those "accents" do NOT even sparkle. But as for their real diamonds with carat weight indications, I'm just curious as to whether it would look like real sparkly diamonds or would it be pretty useless due to the quality?

    Also, as jewelry lovers, would you prefer a Zales piece w/ diamonds over a Tiffany piece with no stones? I mean, I know Tiffany is Tiffany but if given the choices between the two, who would you rather?

    Any thoughts on selecting between branded jewelry and a no name brand? Just an update, will definitely push through with Tiffany's as I've been reading more and more Zales horror stories. Still want to know what others think though or perhaps anyone has better experience! Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I don't mind non-branded jewelry as long as it is a quality piece. One of my favorite necklaces is a cute flower pendant necklace I got on sale from Macy's. It is 18k yg and the chain is a good weight, as are the flowers. The single diamonds at the flower's center sparkle, although with visible flaws under a loupe.

    I probably wouldn't purchase a diamond piece from Zales, only because even at their sale prices, I think I could find better quality at similar price points from other sources so I don't even think to look at their stock. I feel that way about non-luxe shops, biased. Lol, although luxe shops are overpriced too.
  3. Thanks junkenpo. Quality is important too. I have yet to see someone who has a different opinion on sales. Lol!
  4. Personally, I would go with the Tiffany pieces. Zales uses commerical grade diamonds; these stones have a tendancy to not be as cut well, show color, and do not have great clarity. IMHO, many of their diamond pieces tend to look dull.
  5. Antiqueshopper, that's my concern as well. Since it's like, it's so mass produced, the diamonds don't even matter coz it doesn't even bling.
  6. I would prefer to have a piece of jewelry without diamonds than a piece with dull diamonds. That's my feeling no matter who makes it. Also, if I was getting any kind of key, I'd go for Tiffany. They just seem to do keys the best.
  7. grace04, dull diamonds are not a pretty sight to look at. they could look like cz.

    thanks for the input everyone. i can say my head is finally really clear now. lol.
  8. I would pick the Tiffany items, the Zales jewelry look kind of cheap imo. You could also save up a bit more and buy a Tiffanys item with a small diamond. Maybe a small DBTY necklace, or a daisy key pendant with a diamond in the middle. They are around $200/300 if you really want to have a diamond.
  9. I would go tiffany !
    Better have a great silver piece than a dull diamond ! This is very cheap wonder how it looks like !

    I habe no problem with unbranded jewelery if its great quality
    And if u really want a diamond u have the daidy key not expensive
    Or the little heart key with one diamond

    But btw the bow is gorgous !!! Silver or gold its beautiful !!!!
  10. I would choose Tiffany's over Zales for sure.

    However, I am a fan of the local jeweler. You know the type that just has 1 or two locations and the owner knows every piece of jewelry there. You can get some beautiful quality workmanship from them too.

    To me, there is just something special about a Tiffany piece, I don't know what it is but I always feel so special wearing one. I was lucky to get a Picasso chrysophrase dot in 18k from Tiffany's last month and it is so nice!
  11. The quality is not even close to comparable. Zales uses lower quality stones.
  12. I would also recommend Tiffany. A Zales stone over time will not hold its value as well as a Tiffany piece. If anything, it will increase in value. The Zales stone 20 years down the road will only hold the value of whatever the stone is worth at that time. Designer pieces like Tiffany tend to increase in value because its not just the high quality stone but the brand that carries the value.
  13. thanks all for your input. hoping to get my first piece this october. yay! still undecided which one! infinity, bow or heart key! just dropped by tiffany store yesterday in century. got to see everything i wanted in person. *sigh*
  14. I'm not a jewelry snob by any means, but I wouldn't buy anything from Zales.
  15. The small diamonds from places like Zales in the mall have always looked like pieces of sand to me. Nothing compared to a clean cut, great clarity diamond from tiffanys, hwinston, etc