Tiffany Open Heart Ring

  1. tiffany's has four or five different sizes of rings to choose from at the store and they can order any size you need. talk to your SA. :smile:
  2. I have this and I love this ring. I think mines is a size 4 (which is the smallest size). I believe they carry half sizes up from then on. You can certainly find a size that fits you.
  3. i have this ring :heart: i'm not sure if you can resize it at tiffanys. you could always call in and ask :smile: i'm sure they would be glad to help you out with sizing
  4. I don't think Tiffany does half sizes. Every ring I've ever bought has been whole sizes =/
  5. I don't think Tiffany does half sizes either. I've bought 2 rings from Tiffany and I'm a size 6. I asked my SA if they carry half sizes and I remember him saying that they don't do half sizes.
  6. Tiffanys Will Size It For You....No Matter What Size.
  7. the web site shows half sizes
  8. Tiffanys will definitely Re-Size It For You. If you got it as a Gift and it's was too small or too big. No problem with that.
  9. I wish Tiffanys had the open heart ring in Gold =( I want to get it for my girlfriend so bad but she doens't like silver on her ugh!

  10. actually i was just there and they do carry half sizes.
  11. i thought i saw it in gold at the store. i would call and check.
  12. that ring is gorgeous!:biggrin:
    sorry but i don't know about the resizing!:shame:
  13. yes they do half sizes I just exchanged a 6.5 for a 7