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  1. T&Co sale today on You can use my blog promo code "FASHIONPROSPECTRESS" for an extra 10% off all RowNine purchases through V-day.

    They have some good sales this week, and I'm looking at the Dunhill sale on Thurs to get something for DH!

    [don't worry, I don't get any commission off your sales if you use that code :smile: ]
  2. are they legit? are they like gilt, rulala?
  3. yes :smile:
  4. invite only.

    just so everyone knows
  5. thanks.
    i found how to join just by googling for it. so anyone that is not a member, you can just google and find a way to join.

    thanks for the code.
  6. i cant figure out how u join them do they only sale silver stuff or it diamond and everything?
  7. you can also just enter your email address on the site. they sent me an invite right away.
  8. all the good stuff are gone!